Friday, 20 February 2015

Fat juice chicken flavoured worms

WALT:write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Have you ever eaten chicken flavoured worms? This morning I think my teacher Drank a lot of coffee because he was talking about chicken flavoured worms. I thought he actually eat chicken flavoured worms this morning and I thought he was going to feed us it.

It was quite weird our teacher fed us chicken flavoured worms. Those who wanted to eat chicken flavoured worms had to put there heads back and act like little chripping baby birds. Sometimes it went all over our face. 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dotterel chicks

WALT: look beyond the text.

The New Zealand Dotterel is an endangered species found only in New Zealand.It was once widespread and common,but now there are only 1700 Dotterel birds left,
There camouflaged coluers makes them difficult to see when there standing stilll, but their habit of running quickly and pausing to feed makes them easy to identify.
NZ Dotterels are shorebirds, usually found on sandy beaches and sandspits or feeding on tidal estuaries.
They are mostly pale-grey on the back, with off-white underparts which become flushed with rusty-orange in winter and spring. They have a prominent head, large dark-brown eyes and a strong black bill.

Sometimes if you see a Dotterel on the beach they run up to you then go back. It looks like it's distracting you from something but it's trying to protect it nest and lead you away. It nest is amongest the sand and driftwood. People are careful when they see Dotterels. The reason why is because there aren't that much Dotterel left in New Zealand.
Southern New Zealand dotterel. Photo © James Reardon.      

Friday, 13 February 2015

Duffy theatre

WALT: Follow the Structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing  

Last Monday we had Duffy theatre at our school. The Duffy theatre is a show of people acting to encourage other people that don’t read books that much.The characters were Sienna Duffy and the librarian and much more. My favourite characters was the TV zombie and the garden fairy.

Before the show started we all had to make our way to the hall and line up. After everybody came in and lined up the show started.Duffy first walked in and introduced himself then the story began. Sienna was a girl who wasn't interested in reading and hardly read that much books. One day Sienna saw Duffy borrowing books from the library.

Duffy saw Sienna and tried to interest her in books. Duffy asked what are you good at Sienna replied watching TV. Duffy asked more questions finally he asked what your favourite movie Sienna said harry potter. Then Duffy left and came back with a harry potter book. Sienna took the book then started reading it .Along came the garden fairy and tried to find out what Sienna was interested in. Finally Sienna found out what she was interested in gardening.

After the show finished we lined up And walk back to class. The show made me excited about reading and gardening.My favourite part in the show was the Egypt queen.          

The show made me excited to read. I learnt that reading can be important and sometimes fun. I also found out that you can read sometimes in pictures. 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hokey pokeys

WALT:Follow the instructions and complete task to a new standered.
This presentation is about my reading group hokey pokeys.In this reading group I have learnt what hokey pokey is and why it is special to New Zealand.I have also found out three facts about hokey pokey