Thursday, 23 July 2015

If I had a million dollars

WALT: Write effective paragraphs using juicy words.
If I had a million Dollars at the Mall?

Why would having a million dollars at the mall be fun? Having a million dollars at the mall will be a tremendous amount of fun because you get to buy anything you want including electronic devices, shoes, games and other stuff, and you don’t have to check the prices.

In toy world I would buy the whole set of Lego. I would buy Lego because you can
create your own tower, cars, ships and other stuff. You can even make
a huge city and have a collection of all the Lego sets in toy world.

If I had a million dollars in JB Hifi I would buy a Wii u. I would
buy a Wii u because it has a touch screen you can play with friends
online and challenge them on games. Also because you can
play with your family.

If I had a million dollars I would go to the movies . Another thing
I would do at the movies is watching anything I want.
The best part is that you can eat popcorn and other food too.

It would be fun buying stuff at the mall with a million dollars, however
it wouldn't be a good use of money spending on these things. If
I had a million dollars I would donate it to world vision for those
who are poor and homeless.

Our task was to write a peace of writing about if we had a million dollars at the mall.
Also we thought of what we could buy at the malls stores like the warehouse, EB games
footlocker and other stores. One of my favourite shopping centers at the mall is JB Hifi.
I love JB Hifi because it has all the games you want for your console.


  1. To Adam
    My name is William and I am from Hornby Primary School in Christchurch. I like how you used tremendous as a different word for big. I like how you used full stops and capitals correctly. Would you like to visit our class blog? It's

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