Thursday, 24 December 2015

Start of Summer holidays

The summer holidays have began and me and my family had decided to go somewhere as usual. We were packing our stuff for the trip like water bottles, food, and things that weren't necessary. Once everything was packed we left. We were on our way fine until the car broke down when we went up a steep hill just about to enter the country side. That's when my dad checked the car and found out the water pump was broken a little. We added as much water as possible and left. Once we left we well we couldn't make it because the water pump would brake down soon enough so we turned back around and stopped at botanic gardens just when the car broke down and we had a picnic there until the sun set down. Then we added as much water as possible again and left and we just made it in time home. And the car is totally broken, we had it since we came to New Zealand in 2002. RIP rest in peace 2002-2015.

This is how it looks like but except it's a grey colour.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Gif

Today we made Gifs. If you don't know what a Gif is now you know. A Gif
is a moving image for example here's one that I'v made for this years Christmas.
Check out some other Gifs online have fun and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Short holiday recount

Year 6s have gone on camp to kawau island for 4 days and 3 nights. Lucky for me I get to stay home with my parents and my big sister. I’m glad I at least have my big sister with me so we can have fun since it’s the holiday’s for her.

I woke up in the morning as usual walking through the hallway into the living room. But something wasn't right. It was Tuesday and I was supposed to meet my dad and he would tell me to go wash my face as usual. That's when I remembered it was camp and I had decided to stay home with my sister and my parents not as usual.

Well I decided to stay home for a reason because since the year 6s when to camp and they were having fun lots of fun I decided to have fun by myself at home with my sister. But then my sister had to go to tuition so then I ended up staying home on my Chromebook playing sky chase and that was kind of boring. But her tuition started at 4:00 o’clock so I gotted to spend some time with her.

So then I ended up staying home by myself for 4 days but at least I had my parents with me and I did watch a few movies and well played a game and then I helped my dad cook the pizza and then put it in the oven and while I was waiting I went back on my Chromebook and played a game and then helped him cut the pizza.

Well that was my story and I guess it was fun staying at home watching movies and playing games and spending time with my parent’s. And my favourite part about staying home was when I helped my dad with cooking the pizza.

The year 6s are on camp at kawau island for 4 days and 3 nights. I was glad because I could spend sometime with my sister. But then I ended up staying home what to do it's a CATASTROPHE!!!!!

Friday, 30 October 2015

Maths Problem Solving: Week 3 Term 4

WALT: Find a fraction of a number

Here is another Maths Problem Solving presentation that I made. This
Presentation is about fractions again but except we had to simplify for example
42 - 21 = 21 21 over 42. Simplify: 21 divide by 7 = 3  42 divide by 7 = 6
So: 3 over 6  3 divide by 3 = 1 6 divide by 3 = 2 so the answer is 1/2.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Maths Problem Solving: Week 2 Term 4

WALT: Find a fraction of a number

This Week for our maths problem solving presentation we did fractions again. Fraction's
is sort of like splitting but your not. Here is an example 5/6 of 18 =? Here is
how I got the answer 18 divide by 6 = 3 x 5 = 15 so your answer is 15.

Maths Problem Solving Week 1: Term 4

WALT: Find a fraction of a number

Today in this presentation I learnt about fractions. Fractions is like splitting
numbers into half but it's more different. For example 1/2 of 50 it actually
easy because the answer is 25 because what is half of 50? 25. Another different
example is 2/4 of 20? This is much more different then 1/2 of 50. Here is how I
solved 2/4 of 20. 20 divide by 4 = 5 x 2 = 10 so 10 is your anwser.  

Friday, 23 October 2015


The action or process of adapting or being adapted

Adaptation means like when you adapt something for example you give birth or maybe there is a child without parents and you adapt them it's sort of like giving birth but it's just that your not giving birth your adapting. Another example is adaptation but adaptation of an animal. Animals adaptation is when surviving in it's environment. A polar bear is one of the best at surviving because in the winter when it's snowing it's hard to see them because there so white in other word's camouflage.

Drawing of polar bear