Thursday, 27 March 2014

weave silk

Have you ever been on weave silk? Well I have. It is a amazing website for art.And here a link if you want to go on the website weavesilk. Here a picture the first one is hulk.
                                             You like that then what about a eagle
                                         here what I like to call a body
                                          here's the joker
                                         here another eagle

My Sensational Swimming

Have you ever been taught by a swimming instructor before? class 9 walk to the Glen nnes aquatics center for swimming lesson. We learn rocket arm streamline arms small kick freestyle chin on chest all kinds of swimming. I’m in group 2 my instructor is Laura. We need to have swimming lessons so nobody could drown. New Zealand is surrounded by a big oceans of water. There is the south ocean the indian ocean the north ocean all kinds of oceans.        

My instructor laura has been teaching me great stuff my favourite swimming style was gilding. When it came to my turn I was abit worried but when I put one hand on the board and  started kicking my legs in the water like  scissors I was doing it! But I almost sunk at the end of the pretend island.

Next year I'm looking forward to new skills on the board or new skills with my hand’s. I have had the greatest instructor for my group. Next year I’m going to improve by getting in group three.        


Class 9 swimming from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Adam rescue geometry

Adam Dictagloss week 8

Start your writing here: the sun shone brightly as we walk quickly to our swimming lessons. I was feeling exhausted from the brisk walk.As I dipped my toes into the glistening water’ I felt a cold jolt run up my leg.I quickly dove into the pool and I felt refreshed as if the day behind me had disappeared. reflection; I think I did really well today.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

how to be a good friend

Today I’m going to explen to you how to make a good friend. Helpful means when somebody is hurt and you help them. And you get there hat and take them to the sickbay. Trustworty means if somebody bring a fizzy drink to school and they tell someone and they promise not to tell anybody like the teacher.