Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How cool are bottle rockets?

WALT: Know that other people might take a different from the same informaition
How cool are bottle rockets? For our reading activate we learn about bottle rockets. A bottle rocket launches only when air pressure reaches a certain level, it can launch heavy objects. Our task was to think if they thought bottle rockets were cool and if they would build it.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My awesome Holiday highlight

“ Adam, get up we're going somewhere”.  My brother Haron said, as he was coming into the room. It was nine o’clock when I got up to get ready for our special trip. I had no idea where we we’re going as I got to the kitchen seeing everybody rushing and jumping up and down with enthusiasm.

On the road
We we’re sitting in the car doing nothing much but just staring outside the window at the beautiful view. When suddenly I saw a sign that said “Miranda beach”.

The beach

Miranda beach was filled with alot of huge rocks. I was expecting sand but instead I saw rocks, rocks and more rocks. The water was a nice blue greenish color. I saw a little school of tadpole fishes zig zagging in the water while we were catching them.

At first the water was Freezing cold but then I started getting use to it. After a few minutes it started getting cold and colder. I felt like I was in antarctica stranded by myself with no food and no water.

Leaving Miranda Beach        
The day was coming to an end and it was time for us to leave. We spent our last minutes at miranda beach  playing games and talking for a little while. Then we headed for our car and left lovely Miranda Beach.

Alot of Adams Awesome advice

WALT: look beyond the text
Last Thursday on the 26th of February we were given a task by Mr Goodwin. Our task was to rewrite to Langi some advice on how to fix her problem. Her problem was that she could hear a horrible rasping noise on top of her roof.