Sunday, 27 September 2015

American one cent

Today I have just found an american one cent also known as a penny. This is how it began my big sister hajira was going to her tuition for 9 days. We paid $400 dollars for her tuition and this morning I came with my dad to drop her off at west lake girls high school. While we dropped her off we drove back home and on the way we stopped at Michael Joseph savage Memorial park. We used to visit there many time's when I was a child. Anyway In the water I was looking for anything interesting and then I came upon a small penny. I had just told my dad I think I found 10 cents of new Zealand but once I got it out all I found in my hand was a american one cent. It also said E Pluribus Unum Out of many, one ( the motto of the US )

Thursday, 24 September 2015

SCHOOL'S OUT!!!!!!!!

I have just come back from school and it is Thursday the 24 of September. Tomorrow on Friday it is our last day and even better we finish at 12:30. Anyway as I was saying sense tomorrow it's a half day and today it's the last full day of this term the teacher's have decided that we should have a fun day. The girls had to go to the other side to Mr baxdines and Mrs Jacobson. And the boys had to go to where we usually all meet as a team for something special. Then we had to wait for each boy to choose what they wanted from the menu. And on the other side where the girls were. I think they did the same thing. Anyway we had to wait and then once ever single boy had there Drinks and lollies and all that stuff we played a movie.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Egg friend race

WALT: Think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount

On monday Room 6 had an egg race. It was kind of weird because why would a teacher give us eggs and tell us weird things like take care of them.

This morning the most weirdest thing happened. Our teacher Mr Goodwin said he was giving us little friends. At first I thought he was crazy but he also said they were very gentle and you must take care of them.

Then all of a sudden everybody's starts talking saying it’s an egg it’s an egg. Then Mr Goodwin reaches out for his cupboard and gets out eggs and a bunch of spoons. He handed us each one egg for two partners. Then told us to draw faces on the egg and name them if you want. I knew exactly what we were doing.

That's when we lined up outside and started walking. I didn't know where we were walking until we came to the court and started walking to the senior playground. Then our teacher Mr Goodwin handed one spoon to me and my partner. Everybody gotted a spoon and that’s when he told us one of your partners have to stand at the end of the playground and you have to walk to them with your egg in your spoon.   

I thought the egg friend race was fun and enjoyable too. I liked the part when one of the girls took the risk by going rock climbing and holding the egg with one hand. At the end when she got to the top she dropped it. It was funny too because a few people dropped their egg and even one girl dropped it and it cracked open on the ground and the egg spilled all over.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


WALT: We are learning to use onomatopoeia to help create interest in our writing.                    

We are learning to write and use onomatopoeia in our writing. Onomatopoeia is a word about a mimcing sound like for example ZAP!!! Zap is a mimcing word because it refers to a SUPRISE word. Another example is an action word like BANG!!! And that is what onomatopoeia is. Onomatopoeia is a word that mimics the sound of the object or action it refers to.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Market Day Recount

Market day recount

WALT: Write an interesting and detailed recount.
Last Friday we had our market day. Our market day is we buy other people's products with our pts. Pts is our money it stand for Pt England we can also bank it. Anyway at the market day we made our products in our business groups using the material we borrowed from our business teacher. I remember using the hot glue to make my product it stung me badly on my finger it felt like hot boiling lava.  

We have our market day because it’s for fun. It’s kind of useless using pts for nothing you get the idea, anyway we have business groups for a reason. It’s for our products it’s where we make it without our business group’s we can’t buy anything at the market day because there is nothing to sell so that’s why we have business groups and a market day. In my business group I made rubber band guns it was easy to make but the peg on the rubber band gun was easy to be broken.

Setting up was kind of hard because we didn't have enough space. Plus next to us was the crossbow group and they took most of the space. But we were lucky at least we setted up the cups so they can shoot them down with the rubber band gun. And we also had a chance to put 2 pt in a cup and who ever shot it down would win it but we didn't know where to get 2 pt.

At the market day it was hard to choose what to buy like candles or loom bands or cakes and all those other stuff. Because they were to expensive and I had 10 pt and I spended 6 pt and 50 pieces on loom bands I was left with a little money but thanks to my partner Zack who was selling my rubber band guns I had more money than I had in the first place.

Selling at the market day was easy but it was hard to get there attention even though we made signs it was still hard. Plus the rubber band gun in the first place costed 1pt and 50 pieces it was too expensive for them so we changed the price to 1 pt. And then we had customers coming and going one by one buying. But the problem was we only made 12 rubber band guns that we got sold out quickly and we ended up with 18 pt.

My thoughts about the market day is that it was fun, but everything was too expensive like loom bands for 6 pt when some people only had 10 pt I think they should have made the price a little cheaper because they would be left with only 3 pt once they buy it.   

Here is a recount that I made about our market day last Friday. Our task was to write a peace of writing explaining what is our market day why are we having a market day what did I make with my business group to sell Setting up our group and conclusion. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Noun, adjective, and verb

               Melty, Delicious
    Scrumbles, Biting, Delightful
Today we made a poem but a different kind of poem like a diamante poem. For example the
first word is a noun chocolate. Then the two word's after chocolate is and adjective. Then after the
adjective is three verbs and then after the three verbs is one more adjective.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Adventurous verbs

Today our task was to write about adverbs. For an example we had to write how
where and when does it do it. Like how does the kitten purrs, where does the kitten
purrs and when does the kitten purrs.