Sunday, 27 September 2015

American one cent

Today I have just found an american one cent also known as a penny. This is how it began my big sister hajira was going to her tuition for 9 days. We paid $400 dollars for her tuition and this morning I came with my dad to drop her off at west lake girls high school. While we dropped her off we drove back home and on the way we stopped at Michael Joseph savage Memorial park. We used to visit there many time's when I was a child. Anyway In the water I was looking for anything interesting and then I came upon a small penny. I had just told my dad I think I found 10 cents of new Zealand but once I got it out all I found in my hand was a american one cent. It also said E Pluribus Unum Out of many, one ( the motto of the US )

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  1. Cool find Adam! Sounds like you are having fun in your holidays already. Don't forget to space your ideas out using paragraphs.


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