Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Adam holiday highlight

In the holidays my family and I flew to Malaysia. we went there because my dads friend needed help. We first went to the capital Kuala Lumpur. Then We met my dads friend and we went to our bedrooms.The house was blue and inside the living room there were paintings and cold fans. The weather there is very hot there.   

The first week of the holidays we went to the theme parks. The Malaysian parks have water slides and water sprayers that make water come from holes. The next day we went on roller coasters. The first one was called the spinner. It was called the spinner because it spins when its moving and we sit on it secured.I really enjoined the theme park it was better than rainbows end.    

The second week of the holidays we heard that a Malaysia airline got shot down in the Ukraine by the Russian 298 people died. My dad said four days left until school starts so we stayed for two days. During the two days we helped my dads friend move furniture. Then we took a break. It wasn't safe to fly. When it was Friday we left to the airport. We took the flight in the afternoon on holidays I bet we should go to Australia.

I felt great at Malaysia I wish if we could come back here again.

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