Friday, 26 June 2015


Walt: write effective paragraphs.

SUPER MARIO WORLD!!!! Mario is a game that has been known since
        1985. It is a famous side scrolling game that is playable on computer. It was
        invented by Nintendo and now is on many electronic devices.    

The aim of the game is to pass each level. Side to side little mushroom monsters.

        They can kill you with a little incy wincy touch. Then you have to start over again.
        Big Mushrooms appear if you hit a mystery box, collect the mushroom it makes
        you bigger. Level by level it makes you even more bigger.    

Mario is player in the game everybody knows called ‘Super Mario world’.
         He has a mini black mustache and he wears a red hat with the letter M on it.
         His sleeves are red his uniform is blue and he is Italian. What does Mario do
         in his video game? Mostly Jumps but gets bigger if he gets a red dotted mushroom.    

The controls to play super Mario world is the keyboard.
          The arrow icons on your left bottom corner helps you to move side to side.
          To Jump you press the top arrow, to kill enemies you jump on top of them then they
          smash into holograms. Sometimes if you get worried that you're not going to pass the
           level push P. P is you’re best option because it pauses the game for you. 

We have been learning to write effective paragraphs about the game called Super
Mario world. Everybody knows about Mario, but some people may not know how to control 
or some special moves. One thing you should know about super Mario is that when you get 
a big mushroom you get bigger have fun.


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