Tuesday, 30 June 2015


WALT: Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exiting words

Have you ever had a feeling that you have super powers? If I had super powers it would be airbending. Air bending is a air power, I can lift anything with my power.
I can even create a tornado to.

What can I do with my super powers? If something was in my way I could lift
it up. It is impossible to see my power. You can only feel the thin air and wind,
but only can be seen in water. It can grab stuff like tools,
It loses strength in fire.  

Rubric marked by Adriel.

What could I do with my powers? With my powers I could lift water
and take out fires. Another thing I could do is save people.
What could I use them to do in the world,I could use them to
stop a atomic-bomb from exploding or a experiment that went wrong.

I think having these super powers would be spectacular because
it could come in handy and you never know what might happen to you.
Super powers is also useful for saving people ande and the world to.

Our task was to chose a super power and share it.
We had to write what we could do with it and what it was useful for.
At the end we peard up with partners and added some detail
to our partners writing. What I learnt from this writing was how to write juicy
words and sentences. I also learnt how to write effective
paragraphs  and re-craft people sentences.

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