Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Adam fiafia 2014

Have you ever heard of fiafia? fiafia is when you perform your cultural dance on a stage to your faona or brother or sister.fiafia happens every second year here at our school. we have cultural groups theres cook Island kapa haka and niuean and asian. I have been practicing in my group for 7 weeks. our fiafia is going to be on wednesday night on the school field.  

I am’ in jump jam with Miss Walters and mrs Barks.I have been practicing to put energy into my moves and to smile when I go on the stage. And focus on the move’s. Our second song is hard but I don’t think so. we all try our best to do it at the same time but the front row is better.    

I feel excited and worried about fiafia. In 2016 I hope to join precisely that next time. I'm’ looking forward to being in the best fiafia group ever.   

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