Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Adam's holiday beach

In the holiday’s I went to a beach out of Auckland with my family. I got changed and went over to the plank to jump in the water with my dad. My dad had to catch me because the water was very deep and he could touch the seafloor but I couldn't. After I got out I saw a jellyfish near the sand. My brother got a stick and touched it. there was slimy stuff on the stick from the jellyfish. It was disgusting!                                                                            

After I got changed we had a picnic with my own kind food. We ate Afghanistan food. When I finished eating I played for a little while on the wharf. when we were leaving we found a park we were allowed to play on the playground.

When I was finished playing on the park we played soccer with my dad I scored two goals my brother Aaron got four goals.     


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