Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fear factor

Just today this morning we did something crazy and man believe me it was crazy but then sooner on it is was just another one off our teacher’s tricks.

This morning I came into room 6 literacy as usual. But nothing was normal we did something weird today we had our own fear factor. But then I remembered last time when I did this challenge the teacher brang out lollies instead of gross and revolting creatures and food. Then Mr Goodwin told us when he picked four students that you will be drinking and eating swamp water and frog eggs I was disgusted by hearing that.

Just then he went to go get the swamp water and frog eggs but once he brang it out everybody started yelling out EWWWWWWW!!!!!!! And then they started saying it’s tuna it’s tuna but it didn't look like tuna to me then that's when it hit me. I knew it was a trick by looking at it and once he brang it I was right. He didn’t tell the four contestants that what it was he just gave it to them and once he said go they all started eating well only two ate slowly. And at the end one of the boys won the competition.

Once I heard that we were writing about fear factor I knew that he was going to get us fake food but then he said that you are eating swamp water and frog eggs for this competition. Then he said that it was real then I thought he was telling us the truth but once he brang it out I found out that it was fake.   

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