Friday, 28 November 2014

Athletics day 2014

Last week on Friday it was Athletics day. The weather had been getting worse leading up to it. We first all assembled on the hardcourts. We all sat down and Mr Burt said the karakia,after he finished Miss Va'afusuaga sended each year groups off. I was in the year 5 boys. Our first sport was the hurdles,the hurdles are in the olympic games. It’s a plastic square standing up out of the Grass you run and you jump over it. But we had the little hurdles that we could all jump over.We got split into two teams I went second.When it was my` turn I quickly slapped the person hand and ran over the ladders as fast as I could then it was the little hurdles that made us slow down a little bit. Athletics day was fun and I thought that I was going to make it into the interzones.

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  1. Hi Adam.
    What a wonderful Story about Athletics Adam. Nice and Short. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and you gave it a try. Poor thing you didn't make it into the interzones but at least you tried. Keep up your Awesome work.


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