Thursday, 27 November 2014

My amazing trip to the art gallery

Last week on Friday 21st of november we went to the art gallery.We made it to Mrs Jacobson room and got sent off to the bus. I was excited while we were on the motorway. It was also noisy and people were talking too much and playing hand games. The bus finally stopped and we were at the art gallery. At the top of the entrance there was lego buildings in the window that we could see.We got split into groups I went in the studio with Mandy to do some art.      

We had cut out a picture off a jar out of paper and then we were asked to think why did she give us a jar. I thought of it but I had no idea. She gave the answer out PICTURES! but we had to think of one and draw it. Then I saw a picture of a mountain and thought of drawing that and started. It turned out well and I put a Russian flag on top so they can know what place it is in.    

When we finished we went out to morning tea behind the art gallery. After we finished morning tea we went to the second floor then we went to lego exhibitions.I built a tower and made the word lego at the top. After I finished we went to the learning centre. I liked the hungry pixels‘‘screen,’’ it showed us pink in the screen. also a machine that made patterns.   

It was fun at the auckland art gallery and I was looking forward to seeing art.         

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