Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Term 2 Immersion assembly

WALT: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Have you ever seen your teacher on a hovercraft? Term 2 had started, the topic was tinkering tools and toys. Some of the perfects had been handing out food. Read on more to find out what happened.

Team one’s Item had began, Mrs George had started talking about healthy food. After she finished her sentence a picture movie had showed on the screen of healthy food. Some of the teachers had started handing out healthy food just like they were handing out melted marshmallow on a cookie. Team one was the most craziest Item.

While we were waiting one of the perfects Isa was flying a drone helicopter taking pictures controlled with a phone. I thought it was quite weird since it took of with huge wheels on the side of the drone helicopter. I had been wondering how long can it stay in thee air 1 hour or a few minutes.

My favourite part at immersion assembly was the hovercraft that Mr Barks had made.
It had lifted a little bit and started hovering. It also was funny when Mr Somerville had sat and started hovering on it. I think that our new topic tinkering tools and toys is a cool and quite interesting. I think it’s interesting because we are learning and creating at the same time.  
Term 2 had started, the perfects were handing out melted marshmallow on a cookie.  The topic was tinkering tools and toys. Teachers were dressed as minions superhero's Winne the pooh. Everybody was running and jump around in enthusiasm.       

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