Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Falling newspaper towers

Has your teacher ever given you a challenge to make a paper tower?
Mr Goodwin gave us a challenge to build a very tall tower that can stand by it self.
Everyone thought it was going to be easy, but it was a disaster.

It all started when we sat down on the mat, we were wondering where did the table go. Mr Goodwin gave us a challenge to build the tallest paper tower in eight minutes. So that was why things were moved, for a newspaper tower challenge. Anyway Mr Goodwin started handing out the materials, a long piece of masking tape five pieces of newspaper and scissors.

After Mr Goodwin gave our materials we started to make our towers. We all took a piece of paper and started building. I finished the first tower in my team then it turned into a falling tower.  Mr Goodwin came and said to build a base at the bottom to hold up the tower so it doesn't fall. One minute later we finished the base and added the finishing touches.

After we put our tower in front of the mat our tower fell all because of a paper that weighed it down. Only two teams finished one tower was shaped like a pyramid thee other one was straight. We couldn't tell which team won so we stole a long ruler. The tall straight tower had won the competition. YEAHHH!!!                             
Mr Goodwin had given us a challenge to build the tallest paper tower in 8 minutes. Last time Mr Goodwin feed us chicken flavoured worms. I thought he drank to much coffee and had gone overboard. Unfortunatly Everbody was saying the challenge of building a newspaper in eight minutes was going to be easy but it was a disaster.

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