Friday, 15 May 2015

The three little pigs interview

Two little pigs have been recently found murdered by a vicious wolf after
their homes were discovered destroyed, Unfortunately the third little pig managed to escape
and shockingly kill the hungry wolf. The two little pigs had seen their mother
minutes before they were attack.

The first little pig's house was made out of straw. The straw was so light
the wolf blowed the house down and ate the pig. The second pig's house was
made out of sticks the wolf also blowed his house down and sadly ate him up too.

The third little pig has survived after killing the the wolf. The house was made
out of bricks the wolf tried to blow the house down but the bricks were so hard. He got so angry he
climb up the chimney but the third little pig put a pot in front of the fire the wolf fell
into the pot and the third little pig killed the wolf.

Mama pig why did you send your three little pigs away?
I sended them away because they were older enough to
live on there own.

How do you feel that your two little pigs were murdered?
I felt sad when I heard the wolf gobbled them up but
at least the wolf is killed.

Third little pig how did you kill the wolf?
I killed the wolf using my intelligent brain of course.  

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