Friday, 28 August 2015

Adam Trade fair recount

This Term our topic is Trade and enterprise. Enterprising means having or showing initiative and resourcefulness. For example the year 7 and 8 are seeing what they can do with twenty dollars. If I had twenty dollars I would save it up, it’s much better,soon you will have a lot of money plus you can buy anything you want, thats showing initiative and  resourcefulness.

This Term the year 5 and 6 have held a trade fair. Our trade fair is sort of like a fair it’s just that we make and sell. At the trade fair we took orders from people so that when they go away next time we can get it ready for them. At the trade fair we had a table set out and some people even started to yell out to get their product. And some people even setted a fun game for people to win a prize that was my favourite part about the trade fair.

We had to choose our business groups for the trade fair. We called it business groups because we crafted and made it’s sort of like a job. We were lucky to choose our business groups, out of 6 groups Homeware, Toys, Kitchen, Jewelry, Custom stationery and Music, I chose toys. In toy’s I made a rubber band gun. With the rubber band gun we made a shooting range, the aim was to shoot all the cups down.

At the trade fair I enjoyed the experience even though I didn't get to go shopping or buy anything I still enjoyed it. My favourite part at the trade fair was when people came in to have a try at the shooting range. Next to my business group was the tin pin bowling group. It was sort of like we were enemies because people mostly came to their business group because they were hearing that if you get them all down your name goes down in the raffle ticket draw.     

We were sort of lucky because we gotted to have another trade fair in week 8. But we only got 2 weeks left until the next trade fair. But so far me and my partner zack have catched up with making our rubber band gun. And I hope at the next trade fair I can get more orders.

Here is a peace of writing that I have made about the trade fair. Our task was to write what our product was what happened what were our stories what group we were in and what the trade fair was. My favourite part about this writing is when I talked about our group next to us tin pin bowling.

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