Monday, 10 August 2015

Applying for a job

Teachers dishes
I am applying for Teachers dishes for this Job application. I chose this job because
I think I am responsible for taking Teachers cups and dishes.

I think this job is good for me because I'v mostly everyday gets the plates
cups glasses of water for my brothers and sisters. I'm always in the right position,
I am a fast runner and I'm careful with holding when running.My

Thank you for reading my application I hope
you enjoy it. 

Letter of reference 
My Son Adam is a good and trustworthy person for this job.

I think My son Adam is a good person to hire for teachers dishes.
I think he should be the person for the job because he has been
taking dishes carefully and quickly at home as we tell him to.

He his in the right position everyday and is quick for
this job that's why I think he is the person for teachers dishes.

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