Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Disgusting Non delicious Jaffas Chocolate

Disgusting Non delicious Jaffas Chocolate

Jaffas. If Mum would serve that for dessert I would say no to that.

Dairy milk Jaffas is a new chocolate with small little orange chocolates inside it. On the packet it shows the small orange chocolates that are mixed with dairy milk chocolate.

I thought of the product needed to be arrested under law for selling to people disgusting chocolate. It looked delicious in the first place but once you put it in you mouth and it starts to melt you can taste the orange mixed with chocolate. It smelt like nothing as I thought that it had no smell it might taste nice but once again it tasted non delicious. As I felt it it quickly started
to melt in my hands yet it was quite hot in the classroom It felt like I was in the Sahara desert.

The taste of it might taste disgusting but if I would to change the product and add something new I would change the jaffas to a strawberry flavour. The reason why I would change the flavour to strawberry is because It has sweetness in it and the flavour is much bitter than orange.
I would not recommend the product because of all the small orange chocolates. I like the dairy milk chocolate because it’s a usual and normal chocolate that just taste normal. I think that I’d recommend it as a no because orange flavored chocolates is not someone's type of chocolate.

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